books should be a window and a mirror. 

i will tell you, my daughter
of your worth
not your beauty
every day. (your beauty is a given. every
being is born
knowing your worth
can save your life.
raising you on beauty alone
you will be starved.
you will be raw.
you will be weak.
an easy stomach.
always in need of someone telling you
beautiful you are.

-emotional nutrition
nayyirah waheed


as i’ve said before, i am ravenous. i’m ready to devour. i’m on the hunt for words, art, people… for the measure of people, their value and beauty that exists as is. i’m looking for life savers!

because we are worthy of celebration, love, respect, acknowledgement. just for being.

one of the bopo warriors from my last post recommended this collection of poetry: salt.
and i just loved it. finished in a few hours. reread it the next day. nayyirah waheed touched my soul. waheed is a healer, a wise woman, a shaman. her narratives speak to human experience while still being specific to her own journey.

another poem says, “listen to my words. but do not look for me. look for you. -you.”
isn’t this what art is supposed to do? connect at a human level. find some of yourself.

do you have something that you have found connects with you on a deep level?
is there something that felt like a life saver?
are you starved for more?

TBR (to be read). i’m on goodreads (if you want to share reviews and recommendations).  

this is my current list (though ever growing) of fat books to read:

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Big Girl
Hot & Heavy
Bodies Out Of Bounds
Lessons From The Fat-O-Sphere
Fat! So?
Health At Every Size
also more nayyriah waheed nejma!

where do you find “windows and mirrors”?

find poetry, empowerement, peace. find what speaks to you. stay hungry. 

xo emma


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