let’s talk about fat!

this is the only body i have.

and i have made the conscious choice… have to make it everyday… that it is not my enemy.

finding others who are on this same journey, are making the choices to love themselves no matter what the world tells us, has been so necessary!

here are some of the fabulous people who are walking the walk:

Virgie Tovar: smashing diet culture since 2010! #losehatenotweight

Melissa Fabello: a body acceptance activist, sexuality scholar, and patriarchy smasher! writings

Margot Meanie: a witchy woman, founder of #alternativecurves & #rebelliousselflove

Jes Baker: author of “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” & creator of #FatGirlsCan

Cynthia Ramsey Noel: taking back the word FAT one outfit at a time! #flightofthefatgirl

Melissa: at curvycottoncandymane, empowering ALL bodies & being honest about her journey.

Anastasia Amour: author, recovered from an eating disorder, body image + self esteem coach. Inside Out

Asta: curly&curvy, designer & makeup assistant, fashion blogger. Roly Poly Wardrobe

Marie Denee: sharing with Curvy. Confident. Chic. fashionistas that we can don the latest and greatest of trends. the curvy fashionista

CeCe Olisa: creator of #PSPfit, co-creator of #theCURVYcon. plussize princess


these are some of the ladies that rock my world!
(there are loads more… but these are the ones i definitely check on the daily)

who speaks directly to your soul? 

they are out there, the body positive warriors. working for themselves. and for us. marching with machetes through jungles that tell us no, we’re not good enough. 

tell yourself that today you’ll be one too.

find joy. forget the bullshit. be you. 

xo emma



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